Amped R20000G N 2017 Extreme Range

Amped R20000G N 2017 The Amped R20000G N 600mW 2015 N 600mW Gigabit router is an upgraded version of its predecessor (R1000G) that was released in single band capacity. Both routers show similar physical features and performance quality This dual band router (802.11n) is the latest offering from Amped Wireless. It is a company that has

Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router Review 2015 – Ultra Fast

Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router Review 2015 Amped Wireless High Power Touch Screen AC-750 Wi-Fi Router (TAP-R2) is the first Wi-Fi router with touch screen display. It shares your broadband-internet connection with a simple set up since you only need to tap on the displayed screen. To make it even easier for you, there is

Understanding Wireless Home Computer Antenna Gain

Understanding Wireless Home Computer Antenna Gain Nowadays it is common for a home to have multiple personal computers and as such, it just makes sense for them to be able to share one internet connection as well as well as files. Though wired networking is an option, it is one that needs the installation and management

Router Pc Antenna

Router PC Antennas There are no typical set of conditions in any environment. Every room has reflections and “dead” spots. Wireless router antenna’s are affected by whatever is near… This is especially true for any metal object located in close proximity to your wireless pc or router. When using a external antenna, it is important to

Linksys E2500 Review 2017 Excellent Choice

Linksys E2500 Review 2017 The Linksys E2500 occupies the mass-market $70-$100 segment, which means that it’s something of a surprise that this router is a dual-band 802.11n model. There aren’t many of these at this level of the market; if Cisco delivers, they’re providing performance well beyond the vast majority of their competition. The feature

How to Improve Router Signal * Penetrate Walls

How to Improve Router Signal Improving router signal strength is by far the most common problem that you’re like to encounter with your WiFi network, it’s also one of the easier ones to mitigate. There are quite a few options available to improve router signals; by choosing the one that best suits your situation. You

Wireless Router Review What’s Under the HOOD

Practical Wireless Router Review Featured Wireless Routers D-Link – Amped – Netgear – Asus – Buffalo Linksys – Tp-Link The wireless router market can be tricky. Take that extra step of due diligence to make sure your getting the right wireless router. You have an incredible number of options, and – on paper – a lot of them look mostly identical. In practice, it’s not nearly that simple;

Asus RT AC66u Review 2015

The ASUS RT-AC66U Fairly Considerable Price Tag That’s the first thing you’re going to notice about it – $200 puts it decidedly on the high end of the wireless router market. In order to justify that price, ASUS promises a high-performance piece of equipment with a long list of useful features; the RT-AC66U’s spec sheet, at