Amazon Fire TV Should You Buy It?

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

It seems like Amazon has already decided to try its hand at media streaming box to boost the sales…

…and aims to take on popular brands like Apple, Roku, Chromecast and upcoming Google Nexus Player.


Fire TV is out for sale and costs just $99.00 dollars , which is substantially cheaper than other alternatives available in this category.

Amazon Fire TV comes with a lot of additional features such as Android games on the big screen and dedicated gamepad.

It seems the giant company is trying to come up with something different to divert the attention of potential buyers from other products available in the market, especially the upcoming Nexus.

Key Features

● Qualcomm Krait 300

● Quad-core to 1.7 Ghz

● Adreno 320 GPU

● 8GB internal storage


● Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO)

● Bluetooth 4.0

● Free cloud storage; 720p and 1080p up to 60fps

Design and Hardware

Amazon has focused on getting a design that is minimalistic and the company has done pretty well in this department.

The TV is a slimline black box which is not much bigger than a CD case.

It is only 7.5mm thick. The top portion of this TV is made from black colored matte plastic, with a gloss plastic logo of the company.

It also boasts a box finished with gloss black plastic trim around the squared edges.

It has a single blue LED light on the front panel to show you that the TV is now turned on and ready to receive data from the remote.

Apart from this, you get HDMI, optical audio, USB, Ethernet and A/C power ports.

As far as memory is concerned, the internal memory of 8GB won’t last long if you are an avid player.

Under the hood, the Amazon Fire TV comes with a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Krait 300 CPU, equipped with Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

Remote and Game Controller

With the Amazon Fire TV, you get a special pre-packaged remote with the box. The remote control is very light, even with batteries inserted.

It is sleek and made with soft touch black plastic, which makes it extremely easy and light to hold. The Amazon Fire TV remote comes with an array of seven buttons.

These include; three media control buttons, home, back, options buttons, and microphone button.

You also get a select button that functions like a directional pad. The microphone button is the star attraction.

All you need is to hold down the button, speak into it and use the voice commands to find the content you want on the Amazon Fire TV.


Keeping voice commands aside, software is one of the most important part of the Fire TV. As soon as you come on the home screen, you’ll find a selection of categories to choose from.

These include; Home, Search,, Prime Video, Movies, Video Library, Games, TV, Watchlist, Apps and so on.

On the right side of the home screen, you’ll find a wide selection of content tiles highlighting the most popular content or recently added titles in each section.

As you move to the Home section, you’ll find plenty of curated content, divided into sections including recently accessed content, content recently added, recommended apps and games, featured games and apps, featured movies and shows.

Everything is very clearly presented and will help you makes a decision easy on what you would want to watch or play.


● Puts apps, video, and game content at the front

● Simple and elegant user interface

● Powerful hardware

● Gaming prowess enhanced by Fire TV Controller


● Requires Amazon Prime Instant Video membership

● Voice search doesn’t extent to third-party app content

● Would benefit from stronger third-party app integration

Final Verdict

If you are still thinking whether you should buy the Amazon Fire TV or not, you might want to take you needs into consideration before making the choice.Amazon Fire Tv

It should be noted that without taking the membership of Prime Instant Video membership, the Amazon Fire TV can be pretty much useless.

However, those who already have a Prime Instant Video member, buying the Fire TV is a good choice.

Needless to say, the Fire TV is gaining a lot of popularity among Amazon customers. In conclusion, The Amazon Fire TV is a sleek, casual gaming console and a must-have for Amazon users.