Amped R20000G N 2017 Extreme Range

Amped R20000G N 2017

The Amped R20000G N 600mW 2015 N 600mW Gigabit router is an upgraded version of its predecessor (R1000G) that was released in single band capacity.

Both routers show similar physical features and performance quality

Amped R20000G N - by AmazonThis dual band router (802.11n) is the latest offering from Amped Wireless.

It is a company that has just made its foray into the networking industry and aims to prioritize range and the quality of speed in their router sets.

Amped R20000G N - by Amazon

It has a 5GHz band support, a USB port connection and a more rigid body and chassis.

Setup and Design

The Amped R2000G N may bear a striking resemblance with its previous counterpart the R1000G but when it comes to performance and function it is more loaded with new and upgraded features than the single band router version.

It is equipped with a USB port located in the back portion, 5 wired devices Gigabit ports (4 LAN AND 1 WAN), two removable and adjustable antennas (5dBi), and a small separate base that provides support when the router is in the vertical position.

The provided USB port can also function as a host for external devices like an extra HDD but not with output devices like printers, camera, etc.

Included in the package are two sets of LAN cables. One end must be plugged into the WAN port while the other cable must be plugged anywhere from its 4 LAN port connections.

You need not worry or have a hard time setting it up with your broadband source since it is fairly easy to setup the whole wireless internet connection with the R2000G.

Just secure all connections and you are ready to enjoy your Wi-Fi connectivity

With four other ports provided, you can still connect a desktop PC with one of its LAN and enjoy surfing the internet in many ways in your home or workplace.

To guide you on the set up you can look at the bottom part of the router and follow the wireless setup process to help you connect all the other devices to an active network.

You have a choice to activate its Wi-Fi protected setup switch located at the back of the unit to enable Amped R20000G Nother wired connection devices to use your network with or without your knowledge.

It can be laid out flat on the surface, docked in its supplied base, or since it is very light it can be easily mounted into a wall near your internet broadband modem.

The series of LED lights located in the front part signifies if everything is working well while the router is in use.

It indicates the connection status in any of the ports, it shows if it has successfully connected to the internet, and it also indicates if the power is on.

The Amped R20000G N default settings can be easily adjusted

You may customize them according to your preferences with the help of a PC and your internet browser.

Look for the default log in details at the bottom of the router and type the default IP address on the browser or go to the setup section of the router’s website and adjust or secure your router settings including the WPS function, firewall, and so on.


The Amped R20000G N 600mW router gives unparalleled connectivity with a 600mW amplifier that helps boost its performance during transmission and a reduced noise amplifier that helps increase its sensitivity when receiving and transmitting signals during operation.

It has a dual band capability that can ably support up to 300Mbps of bandwidth strength

It has a Wireless coverage feature that allows the user to tweak its settings on the interface as well as the range of power and scope of its wireless connectivity. It can be easily setup from 100 and up to 15 %.

The designated LAN/WAN ports and the single USB port can be found on the rear side and has Gigabit capacity that guarantees a faster wireless connectivity when surfing the internet or transferring data.

The USB only allows storage devices. Printer support is not possible with this router version.

The networked storage capability is very simple to operate. If an external hard drive is connected to its USB port everyone in the network can have direct access to all the data and information stored in it.

Files can be easily shared and there is no option to customize or change this setting in private.

Regarding its physical features, the router has a built in cooling vents that are located at the top and bottom panels of the unit.

The router comes with a full one year warranty and a return guarantee of 30 days in case the performance failed to meet the customer’s expectations.


  • Offers a good range depending on the band setting and if complemented with a good USB adapter.
  • A state of the art and advanced router set up plus easy to navigate user interface.
  • Excellent guide and information located on the bottom for easy operation.
  • Lightweight with sleek chassis body and saves space with its base that can be set up horizontally, vertically or wall mounted
  • Full warranty coverage.
  • Their website has enough information and guide about how to setup the router.


  • Single USB port does not support other devices.
  • Warms up even if properly ventilated from top to bottom.
  • Priced higher than other router brands.
  • IPv6 version is not supported.

Overall Performance and Conclusion

When it comes to wireless power and connectivity the manufacturer seems to be more focused on the range it can cover rather than the speed of its performance.

In a band setting of 2.4GHz, there is a deplorable signal quality as the distance from the wireless device and the router is increased. The router registers 50Mbps strength in a 15 feet range.

At a distance of 100 feet, it barely makes a successful connection at 18Mbps. Even if the LED indicator lights are all lighted it was not able to secure a steady and solid connection.

At a longer distance, it was nearly impossible with its inconsistent unstable connection.

On the other hand, the band setting of 5GHz gave a totally opposite performance and a range of connectivity. Even at a distance of 200 feet, the router gave an impressive and stable connection.

At 15 feet range it faired and the connection remained firm and consistent at 71 Mbps. Not once did it show signs of disconnection.Amped R20000G N - by Amazon

However, when it remains powered up and continuously in use (stress test), it still warms up even if it has enough ventilation.

Overall, the Amped Amped R20000G N Gigabit Dual Band Router is good but at such a hefty price it may not come at par with other router brands that has more robust performance and excellent features at a much affordable price.