Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router Review 2015 – Ultra Fast

Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router
Review 2015

Amped Wireless High Power Touch Screen AC-750 Wi-Fi Router (TAP-R2) is the first Wi-Fi router with touch screen display.

Amped Touch Screen AC750 RouterIt shares your broadband-internet connection with a simple set up since you only need to tap on the displayed screen.

To make it even easier for you, there is no need of any other  additional device to  set up the Wi-Fi.

  Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router

It has the ability to deliver up to 800mW of Wi-Fi output power

The high output power strengthens the Wi-Fi signal eliminating dead zone around your home or office.

The whole package kit includes the high power touch-screen AC750 Wi-Fi router, a stylus, a detachable high gain antenna, a set up guide, a network cable, a power adapter and a CD with user’s guide and installation video.

Features and Specifications

Amped Touch Screen AC750 Router (TAP-R2) has been built with a lot of advanced and technological features in order to provide you with 3x Wi-Fi coverage of other Wi-Fi routers.

Major Features

  • High Gain Antenna: This router has two antennas; 1 detachable high gain dual band antenna and 1 internal high gain antenna which boost Wi-Fi performance and the range.
  • Ethernet Ports: This allows you to connect your PC or game consoles without any hassles so as to have an online gaming experience like never before.
  • USB Port: You can share your files with other devices by connect a USB cable to this port.
  • Wi-Fi Amplifiers: This router has 2 x2.4 GHz amplifiers, 1x5GHz amplifier and 3x low noise amplifiers so as to amplify your Wi-Fi and push it beyond walls so as to get rid of dead spots.
  • Multilingual Support: There are three different languages; English, French and Spanish and hence you can easily choose the language you want to use by tapping the touch screen language.
  • Advanced Security: You can easily manage and control who uses your Wi-Fi by setting up passwords using WPS One Touch Setup, WPA and WPA2. Moreover, you can also create guest networks with unique IDs and passwords.

Other Features

Automatic Firmware Updates: The router allows you to check firmware updates and install so that you stay updated with new improvements.

User Controls: You have the power to restrict the network to specific users, block websites with certain keywords, control signal coverage and set up Wi-Fi access schedule.

Pros and Cons

The above features make this router much superior compared to others in the market. Here are the main advantages of buying this amazing Wi-Fi router.

Ultra Fast AC Wi-Fi Internet Speeds

The combination of amplifiers, antennas and 802.11ac enables the router to deliver 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 433Mbps on 5.0 GHz bands for the user.

No Dead Spots

This router has the ability to eliminate all the dead spots in your home or at you office. This is because it increases the Wi-Fi coverage up to 3x that of other routers.

Easy to Set Up

Since there is no need to connect other devices, it only takes seconds to complete setting up the internet connection. What you need is to tap the display screen using your finger and you are done.

ConsAmped Touch Screen AC750 Router

So far, the only con many users have identified with this router is that it has few Ethernet ports.


With all the above features and pros, it can conclusively be seen that this router is worth the price tag.

I would highly recommend it for you so that you can eliminate all the dead zones that you have experienced before at home or at the office.

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