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Safe Public Computer Tips

In The Mobile World of Computers You Don’t Always Log On At Home, But On The Road Everything Changes Safe Public Computer tips, applies to these areas, Internet cafes, libraries, airports, hotels and other places that offer use of a public computer for those on the go. But, unfortunately those computers may not always be secured or checked regularly. If

USB Network Card

USB Network Card One can no more deny that the world is getting tired of being tangled in the wires and cables. People need something that will be wireless and more efficient,  easy to use and secure. And fulfils our endless demands. Some good hearted souls or soul (inventor unknown) invented the dongle in 1992.

Wireless FAQ’s

Wireless FAQ’s You Should Know What is an access point (AP)? Access points are to wireless LANs what base stations are to mobile cellular networks. The base station in a mobile cellular network aggregates and manages all the mobile clients and interfaces with the public switched landline network. Similarly, access points (APs) connect the wireless LAN

Define Chromebook

What Defines Chromebook Google’s Chromebook is not anymore a new entrant in the line of notebook computers, but it hasn’t managed to take over the market yet. The Chromebook runs on Google’s cloud-based Chrome operating system. While these slim and stylish laptops lack the processing power and high-end features of standard laptops, Chromebooks are primarily

WiFi Network Names

WiFi Network Names Change Often Seem like a trivial concern, but they’re anything but. The name of a WiFi network – the SSID – is an important part of its security profile, especially given that the standard WPA2 security algorithm uses the SSID as a (Password Hashing Salt) salt for the network security key. So, let’s

What is Cloud Technology

What is Cloud Technology The simple, cynical answer to that question would be “a buzzword”. You’re probably looking for something a bit more substantive, though!  An explanation of cloud computing Essentially, it’s a network of many – there’s no upper limit here, and things like Amazon Web Services might use hundreds of thousands of individual

Understanding Wireless Home Computer Antenna Gain

Understanding Wireless Home Computer Antenna Gain Nowadays it is common for a home to have multiple personal computers and as such, it just makes sense for them to be able to share one internet connection as well as well as files. Though wired networking is an option, it is one that needs the installation and management

Wireless Home Automation Home Automation Made Easy

Wireless Home Automation Made Easy ConnectSense is an exceptional concept. The company manufactures wireless sensors that constantly monitor everything you care about in your home or business. This device can even send you notifications when something goes wrong. ConnectSense Wireless sensors are either wall or battery powered. Uses the Wi-Fi you already have in your

Touch Screen Acer C720P 2666 Chromebook 11.6

Touch Screen Acer C720P 2666 Chromebook 11.6 The Best Chromebook Available under the Sun Chromebooks are yet to capture the market, because of their lack of high-end processors and poor battery back-up. But with the launch of Acer 11.6″ Chromebook 2 GB 16 GB, one can expect to see some major improvements in the Chromebook, particularly in

Wireless Network Technology

Setting up your Wireless Home Network The first choice you need to make is your primary wireless network technology. This is the network itself, the medium on which you’re working – you need to decide how all of your devices should communicate with each other. Exactly what that means depends on your own goals, but