D-Link AC3200 Router Review 2017 Blazing Speed

D-Link AC3200 Router
Review 2017

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is one of the…

…best routers in the market with unique pyramid like design and has ability to boost your home wireless signal.

  • Easy to set up
  • Blazing throughput speeds
  • Good range performance
  • Real Edgy design
  • User-friendly management interface

D-Link AC3200 Router - by Amazon

You can connect all your devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs among others.

It has high internet speeds, different bandwidths and smart technology for optimal Wi-Fi performance.


To me folks this looks like some kind of spacecraft

Keep your eyes on the sky! I definitely won’t be hiding this D-Link AC3200 Router Ultra under my desk.

Many individuals who have already used this router for their wireless needs at home have posted different reviews about it.

According to many, it is one of the most Expensive priced wireless routers available in the market now because of the advantages it gives although there are a few disadvantages too.

We have gone ahead and put together all the pros and cons of the router so that you are fully informed about it before spending your money.

Be informed in the following sections about D-Link AC3200 Router.

Fast Internet Speeds

According to many individual reviews, this router has fast internet speeds compared to other models in the market.

It is made of Tri-band Wi-Fi signals to enable you enjoy quality internet since they can all be used at the same time.

It is like three wireless routers in one.

It has a 2.4GHz wireless band that offers up to 600 Mbps internet speed and two separate 5GHz bands with internet speeds of up to 1300Mbps.

This gives you the ultimate and desirable Wi-Fi performance for your home

Another amazing thing is that it has smart connect technology which makes the router choose the strongest band at anytime for your devices.

It connects your device to the clearest band available at any moment and hence making it easy for you to stream HD multimedia without any interruption.

Moreover, D-Link AC3200 Router has advanced AC smart beam which eliminates dead zones by delivering individual bandwidth beams where they are needed the most.

Ultimate Wi-Fi Performance

Because of the fast internet speeds, this router gives you the freedom to enjoy high quality Wi-Fi performance all across your home.

The 2.4GHz bandwidth can be used for light internet stuff such as skyping and web surfing while the 5GHz is effective for online gaming, HD media streaming and connecting multiple devices.

Excellent Range and Coverage

D-Link AC3200 Router - by Amazon


What has made this router stand out among the rest is that it has six high performance external antennas that ensure that all your devices are fully connected to the Wi-Fi.

The range of the internet is also increased. 

Remote Access and Management

Did you know that you can control this router’s network from the comfort of your tablet or Smartphone?

You can control the devices connected to this router from your Smartphone by enabling parental control, creating Wi-Fi guest networks, monitoring internet activity and blocking unwanted devices.

This has actually simplified everything in terms of operation.

D-Link AC3200 Router – Cons

There are certain cons associated with this router such as…

Expensive: Many users are of the view that this router is a little bit expensive and not worth the price

Short Wi-Fi Range: The Wi-Fi range for this router does not reach far from where the router is placed.