D-Link – Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300

D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300

The first thing you’ll notice about the DIR655 is that D-Link bills it as an “Xtreme” router, which isn’t a label that bodes well for much of anything.

D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300, USB SharePort, N WiFi Router (DIR655)The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s a 300Mbps 802.11n model; this isn’t nearly the absolute highest-performance router available. If any router actually warrants the term “Xtreme”, this isn’t it.

The good news is that, regardless of that marketing misfire, the DIR655 is a remarkable router for its very accessible price point.

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Available at prices as low as $70, it’s not going to compete with the top-of-the-line models, but it’s an excellent choice among single-band 802.11n routers, with great performance and useful features.

D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300, USB SharePort, N WiFi Router

The DIR655’s internals are adequate for their role, but they’re not going to impress. The stock firmware is excellent, and performance doesn’t disappoint, but if you want to tinker you’re advised to look into a more robust platform. 16MB of RAM and a decidedly ordinary Ubicom CPU won’t give you a lot of room to tailor the DIR655 to your needs.

When you want pure routing speed at a low cost, though? Real-world figures of around 260 Mbps on Wi-Fi are something impressive. Signal strength isn’t a problem, either, and four gigabit Ethernet ports provide plenty of room for wired networking.

D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300, USB SharePort, N WiFi Router
DIR655 – Software

As mentioned, the DIR655 is going to be running the stock firmware in most cases, so it should be reassuring to know that the stock firmware is excellent.

Uptime is a critical part of any router firmware, and D-Link’s offering can run for hundreds of days at a time without crashing or performance degradation.

It’s low-maintenance and high-performance, which is a winning combo. Setup is easy with WPS, the desktop application, or the web interface; the desktop application is probably the weak link here, but it’s still quite usable.

You’ve got plenty of features to work with, too.

SharePort is the most prominent one in the advertising, and it does basically what you’d expect it to. Connect something to the USB port and the router makes it accessible to other devices on the network.

The cool part is that it does this by emulating a computer’s own USB port; you have to install the appropriate software on the PC, but once that’s in place you can use pretty much any USB device by connecting it to the router’s USB port.

The downside here is that you can’t access the device in question from more than one machine at a time, making SharePort somewhat ill-suited to a lot of the common tasks like running USB hard drives or printers – but the ability to use an optical drive or another less well-supported peripheral as a network device is really cool.
D-Link Xtreme Gigabit Wireless N300, USB SharePort, N WiFi Router (DIR655)


The D-Link DIR655 is a fine router; it’s affordable, offers excellent networking performance, and has some very interesting features that aren’t all that common in the marketplace.

It’s not – contrary to what D-Link’s marketing team would have you believe – “xtreme to the max”, but Buy from Amazonit’s a good choice.

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