Define Chromebook

What Defines Chromebook

Google’s Chromebook is not anymore a new entrant in the line of notebook computers, but it hasn’t managed to take Define Chromebookover the market yet.

The Chromebook runs on Google’s cloud-based Chrome operating system. While these slim and stylish laptops lack the processing power and high-end features of standard laptops, Chromebooks are primarily built for web-surfing.

Define Chromebook

This is the reason these are optimized with Google Chrome Web browser, giving the facility of instant-on & instant-resume. So what defines a Chromebook?

The Chromebook features will give you a better insight of it: 

● 8 second boot time, which takes the user directly to the browser without landing on the desktop.

● Chrome operating system.

● Video Graphics Array (VGA) port for connecting to external monitor.

● Instant resume.

● Battery life of up to 8.5 hours.

● 40% brighter screen than conventional laptops.

● Automatic updates.

● High speed USB port.

● Built-in Secure Digital or Secure Digital High Capacity (SD/SDHC) memory card reader.

● A keyboard customized for Internet browsing.

● One audio jack.

What Makes a Chromebook Different From Traditional Laptops

Chromebooks Runs Web-based Apps

Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebook are designed to be connected to the internet at all times.

Everything is done online using Google apps designed for purposes like creating documents, spreadsheets or even editing images.

The Chrome OS will not install or run traditional software like Adobe Photoshop or Ms Office. But files created in traditional PC software can be viewed on Google apps.

Chromebook Store Files In the Cloud

The main purpose of manufacturing Chromebook is to provide users a thin, light and portable device.

This is the reason it is made without large capacity drivers. Unlike traditional laptops, you cannot store your documents and files on your computer.

Instead, you can save them on Google Drive and access from anywhere in the world.

Since Google drive can be accessed from any other device, you’ll not have to carry the laptop with you all the time just because you had some file stored in your computer’s drive.

With Google’s Cloud-based storage service your files are password protected and secure.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages that define Chromebook. This comparison will help you make an informed choice.


● It is quite affordable

● Good battery life

● Offers wide array of apps in Google Play Store

● Enables the users to use Drive applications offline


● Limited internal storage

● Users are charged for online storage after 2 years

● 3G option is quite expensive

● No Ethernet capability


it can be said the Chromebook has almost all the basic features that one can find in any standard ultra book.

It’s lightweight, thin, and boasts a comfortable keyboard customized made for internet browsing. In addition to it, Chromebook features excellent battery life that is quite important for people who want to access their files on the go.

Even though the laptop does not provide good amount of internal storage, it can prove to be a good deal for people looking for affordable options.

If you are a casual user and web-surfing is all that you’re concerned about, then this can be a great alternative for expensive high end ultrabooks.

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