Linksys AC2600 Router Review 2017 Ultimate – Fast

Linksys AC2600 Wireless Router
Review 2017

Is one of the latest Wi-Fi routers from Linksys

Linksys AC2600 Router Review 2017This is because of its enhanced features that provide you with a gaming experience you have never had before.

It is made of multi-user, multi-input and multi output (MU-MIMO) technology that gives you uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections by ensuring that each device works as it is connected to an independent router.

Linksys AC2600 Router Review 2017

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Mu-MiMo technology gives you a cool and convincing internet experience since it has the capacity to handle heavy network traffic plus high bandwidth activities from multiple devices at the same time.

Let us look at the top features and Take your gaming and streaming to the next level and by the end,

you will have a reason why you should have it in your home.

Features and Specifications

In order to provide the user with a both gaming and entertainment experience, this router comes with the following top features.

Mu-MiMo Technology

Unlike other wireless routers that give you a headache when multiple devices are connected, Linksys AC2600 router is unique and is excellent,  providing an internet connection to several devices simultaneously.

All thanks to Mu-MiMo technology that allows you to connect as many device s as possible without the network slowing them down.

According to many users, each device works as if it has an independent router!

Beaforming Technology

This is meant to improve wireless signals to each of the devices connected to the router.

In fact, you can direct where you want the signals to be compared to other routers that you have no control over the direction of the signals.

If only one device is connected, you can focus all the Wi-Fi signals in its direction and hence higher internet speeds.

1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor

One of the most important and critical issues that matters in any router is the internet speed it can deliver.

Linksys AC2600 router does not disappoint on this; in fact, it is among the routers with highest internet speeds in the market.

It has the ability to deliver internet speed s up to 2.53Gbps. This allows you to enjoy your online gaming and media streaming without any interference.

4 External adjustable antennas

In order to increase your Wi-Fi coverage, this router is equipped with 4 fully adjustable antennas that can easily be positioned and tilted at different angles to ensure that the Wi-Fi covers a wide area.

Other key features include; USB 3.0 and ESATA ports, Gigabit LAN ports and guest wireless as well as Smart Wi-Fi software that enables you to control or restrict the usage of the internet.

Pros and Cons

The above features have lots of merits


High internet speeds

The router is equipped with a 1.4GHz dual core processor, four antennas and 2.53Gbps that provide high internet speeds for the user.

The internet speeds include 1733Mbs on the 5GHz band and 800Mbs on 2.4GHz.

Easy Connectivity

The USB 3.0 ports and Esata ports makes it easy to connect all your desired devices to the router with ease.

Use of Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Both the beamforming and Mu-MiMo technology makes it easy to connect multiple devices at the same time without any effect on the speed of the internet to all the devices.Linksys AC2600 Router Review 2017


So far, the only con that has been associated with this router by users is that it is pricey.

Bottom Line

This router is worth the price tag.