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Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender Review 2018 – Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender Review 2018 – There are times when you experience connectivity issues on your mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.

It can be quite frustrating when some corners in your home are unable to receive proper Internet connectivity from the router. When it comes to Wifi routers and range extenders, Netgear has been a reliable and reputed brand.

The company has been producing high quality products for many years. Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender is another excellent product from the brand.

Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extenders can effectively improve wireless coverage in your home, and eliminate dead zones’ in the home network.

These range extenders can be quite useful to provide you with a reliable connection, while expanding the coverage area for networks.

Product Overview

Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender has been extremely popular for its excellent features and capabilities.

It can effectively amplify Wi-Fi coverage for your devices in the home by strengthening and extending an existing Wi-Fi signal.

This product can allow you to have a better wireless experience on Android tablets, iPads, netbooks, ereaders, smartphones, notebooks and desktops.

According to industry experts, it is an ideal choice for all your devices.

When you use it on a mobile device, it can even help you save some money by cutting down usage of 3G/4G mobile data.

This device offers universal compatibility. In addition to this, the Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender is very easy to install.

You don’t even need any installation disc.

In order to install this device, you just have to use the Push N Connect button, and use the WPS setup for a secure and quick connection allowing better Wi-Fi connectivity.

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This Wi-Fi range extender is completely compatible with the most well known service providers. It can easily enhance any B/G/N wireless signal. It works even better with Netgear N150 routers.

Features :

  • Boost Wi-Fi– It allows you to amplify the network by boosting wireless signal around your house and even outside. 
  • Reduce Mobile Data Charges– You can reduce your 3G/4G mobile data usage because of the better connectivity. 
  • Enhance Existing Equipment– With Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender, you won’t have to change your existing equipment. You can easily improve coverage to alleviate dead zones in your home. 
  • Easy Install– You can easily install this device on your equipment from a browser. You don’t need any installation disc. 
  • Push N Connect– With WPS or WiFi Protected Setup, you can make sure the connection is quick and secure.
  • Optimal Coverage – With real time LEDs, you can locate the best spot in your home for optimal Wi-Fi coverage. 

Superior security – This device works with every security standard including WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, mixed mode and WEP. 

Netgear Green – The company uses 80% recycled packaging.

According to most customers who’ve used this device, it is an exceptional product from Netgear.

The Netgear N150 Wi-Fi Range Extender can provide better wireless connectivity in your home.

However, connectivity will also depend on several environmental factors and external network conditions like construction, building materials, volume of network traffic, network overhead and so on.

This product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is an excellent deal for anyone who wants to improve wireless connectivity in his home.