Router Pc Antenna

Router PC Antennas

There are no typical set of conditions in any environment. Every room has reflections and “dead” spots. Wireless router antenna’s are affected by whatever is near…

This is especially true for any metal object located in close proximity to your wireless pc or router.

When using a external antenna, it is important to keep cable lengths of high quality and short lengths

 Different types of antennas

A YagiRouter PC Antenna antenna combines high gain with a wide beam width.

It is ideally suited for directional and mutili-point applications such as a school campus and will focus the radio beam from building to building, typically used outdoors for access points and extension points. Most commonly used antenna.

Router PC AntennaA Parabolic for Long range and greater distances.

They are concave and dish shaped and usually referred to as dish shaped, point to point directed beams for long range communications

This provides a bridge between two access point in a network.

An 360 degreRouter PC Antennae Omni-directional antenna tend to radiate horizontally all around

When used for a wireless LAN these antennas are usually a few inches long and external. Make sure the Omni-directional antenna is vertical to cover a greater amount of area.

 Increase the range of your Wireless network! Attach high gain antennas to your wireless broadband router or access Point, and increase both the effective strength of the outgoing signals, and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals.

Directional antennas radiate strongly in a limited direction, Like A Flashlight

It is usually flat panel or dished. It is typically used for point-to-point transmissions – where two antennas are focused directly at one another.

They need a line of sight between them.

There are add on antennas to increase the range of your wireless computer devices, I would suggest that you give these a try if the need arises.

The increased range provided by adding an external antennas is usually worth the trouble, but not all wireless cards will allow you to attach an antenna, but if they do, remember to purchase one from the manufacture of the card, or wireless router.

Arranging wireless computers for better performance do this!

To Expand Coverage

  • Relocate the access point (higher)
  • Use an external high gain antenna
  • Check the signal strength meter on task bar

Change the position of your router, tablet, laptop or pc


Move the equipment around a little, and remember don’t stuff your router or pc under any desk.

Or near any huge metal object, especially microwave ovens! which operate in the same 2.4GHz frequency as a wireless home network.