Samsung Electronics 840 EVO Series SSD

Samsung Electronics 840 EVO Series SSD Is It Worth the Price

The Samsung 840 EVO SSD is much faster than a regular HDD. It can provide your system with rapid random and sequential read and write. The new 3-bit MLC NAND flash memory from Samsung can store a lot of data more efficiently, increase reliability and improve speed.

Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-SeriesWhether you undertake a heavy task like file editing or basic task like virus scan, Samsung 840 EVO series performs every job quickly and smoothly.

Multitasking is a very simple job for this new SSD. In fact, it can operate multiple tasks almost 3 times faster than a standard HDD.

Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series

Almost every customer using this SSD has appreciated and praised its speed, performance and reliability.

Samsung has always been a leader in several computing products. It has been offering numerous high end products at affordable prices.

The same is true for the Samsung 840 EVO series 500 GB Solid State Drive. In fact, you can also use the RAPID cache function to improve your system’s performance. The high performing SSD will completely revamp your regular computer usage.

In this Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 500 GB Solid State Drive Review, we’ve discussed the best features of this Solid State Drive. This information will help you understand why the Samsung 840 EVO series will be a good choice.

High Acceleration

If you’ve always been interested in more speed, you will certainly enjoy the level of acceleration offered by this Solid State Drive.

The high speed can be credited to Turbo Write technology from Samsung. 840 EVO series delivers a lot faster sequential write speed when compared to the previous model in the same series.

In fact, the speed has been tripled in the 500 GB Solid State Drive. Samsung has utilized a very innovative high performance write buffer and write acceleration algorithm.

With the Samsung 840 EVO series, you can always expect higher satisfaction and accelerated speeds from your system.

Rapid Performance

The Magician Software technology from Samsung provides you with the RAPID mode option.

This can enhance the performance by efficiently processing data on your system through the basic use of free memory (DRAM) as a cache.

If your computer has more free memory, you can expect efficient command processing, higher performance and improved multitasking.

Solid Encryption

In the modern business age, your laptop is always exposed to certain vulnerabilities regarding personal and confidential information.

However, when you’re using Samsung Electronic 840 EVO series Solid State Drive, you don’t have to worry about any such issues.

Samsung has employed Self Encrypting Drive or SED security technology. It can keep your data completely safe all the time.

In addition to this, the SSD also included AES 256 bit hardware based encryption engine. It makes sure all your personal files are secure, even when you lose the laptop.

Since this encryption is hardware based, your data is secured without compromising. With this Solid State Drive, your data will never be compromised.

Safe from Heat

When you’re extremely busy with your work and completely involved, you might ignore that your laptop is burning hot. It may be struggling to keep up with the needs.

With Samsung 840 EVO series, your laptop will stay cool. In fact, this Solid State Drive will prevent overheating even when you overwork.

This 500 GB Solid State Drive features Dynamic Thermal Guard technology. It maintains and monitors optimal temperatures for your drive.

With the throttling feature, the temperature of your Solid State Drive can drop whenever necessary to keep your data protected. It also ensures the kind of responsiveness a user expects.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The Samsung 840 EVO series SSD will help you enjoy whatever you’re doing on the laptop. This Solid State Drive also reduce idle power consumption.

This is very important since most PCs spend over 80% of their time sitting idle. Samsung 840 EVO series promotes longer battery life and energy savings. This provides you with more flexibility when you’re travelling.

Convenient Installation and Upgrade

This Solid State Drive comes with One Stop Install Navigator technology. Thus, installation is very convenient. The product features an Auto Install guide.

It will guide you through the entire installation process. Moreover, Data Migration Software from Samsung helps you easily upgrade the SSD. 

The Samsung Electronics 840 EVO series 500 GB Solid State Drive not only provides your system with optimal performance, but also emphasizes on refinement and luxury.

Unlike other SSDs available in the market, this one has been designed with high-end structural engineering and premium finish surface.

Due to this, it has a very stylish and sleek appearance. With this Solid State Drive, you will watch your system reborn with a stylish, elegant and premium look expressing improved efficiency and powerful performance.

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