USB Network Card

usb network card

USB Network Card

One can no more deny that the world is getting tired of being tangled in the wires and cables.

People need something that will be wireless and more efficient,  easy to use and secure. And fulfils our endless demands.

Some good hearted souls or soul (inventor unknown) invented the dongle in 1992.

Initially this device was only used to transfer data from one computer to another, but now thanks to innovation it is being used for wireless home computer networking.

The problems with cables

Ethernet Cables to be precise are innumerable.

First, it makes your house look like a giant spider web with wires dangling from each corner of the walls. Second, it has a limit to the number of machines one can connect, such as lack of space on the routers.

The USB network card on the other hand is a perfect solution to all these problems.

Just plug in the device in your USB port

Wait for the OS to initialise and ta-daa experience the magic of wireless networking. A simple example can be given from the market AirLink101 AWLL6075 Wireless N Mini USB Adapterresearch reports stating that in 2012 the USB network card selling vendors did a total business of $63.12 million all over the world.

Now, that’s a network boom.

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However, as so usual to human nature there aroused problems with this miraculous device also. USB network cards were criticised for slow and unsecure connections.

And yes, the allegations can be considered as facts, the USB network cards are a bit slow in their approach as they use more overall power. But, looking at the advantages, it is too hard to resist.

First, the mobility of the device

It can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Second, it can be plugged in any device with an USB port and is in working condition. Third is the easy installation process of the device that makes it instantly useable.

Fourth and repeated benefit: no cables.

And fifth benefit is the easy to switch option, not happy with the service change the card and done.

Adding a sixth benefit, the huge acceptance of USB network card among the consumers sums it up that USB networking cards are indeed a blessing for the wireless industry.

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