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Asus RT AC87r Review 2018 Excellent Router

Asus RT AC87r Review 2018 Excellent Router – What exactly does the Asus RT-AC87r offer, and is it worth your investment?

Asus RT AC87r Review 2018 Excellent Router

Find out how this router matches up with the competition and learn more about its features and limitations, so you can make an informed decision.

The Asus RT-AC87r At A Glance

This dual band gigabit router comes with the following specs:

  • 1 Ghz dual core processor
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO design for the antenna equipped with an AiRadar universal beam
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
  • AiCloud 2.0 for streaming, sharing, accessing and syncing files
  • ASUSWRT graphical user interface
  • Network security from Trend Micro

Key Features of the Asus RT-AC87r

This wireless router by Asus offers a range of features that will further enhance your overall experience from the setup process to the time you connect to the internet.

Among these features are the following:

1. Connectivity

There are several USB ports included in this router, which you can use for various purposes. For instance, these can support printers, external hard drives and cellular modems, to name a few.

Once you connect the hard drive, sharing data over the internet with remote or local clients is made possible.

In fact, any functions are made possible, thanks to the built-in network storage in this router.

2. Broad Wifi Coverage

The Asus RT-AC87r can provide a wide signal coverage that is over 465 square meters, all because of its 4-stream and 4-antenna design equipped with universal beamforming.

In fact, its explicit and implicit beamforming makes it possible to offer optimum reception, as well as environmental response.

3. High-Speed Wifi Router

You will be impressed by the high-speed internet connection you can get by using this router, as it features a combination of 2334 mbps and 5G at 1743 mbps.

So, if you want to watch your videos without frequent interruption or stream movies and music online, then you can count on the Asus RT-AC87r to give you the fastest connection you want.

Moreover, this router is ideal when you want to do local playback of your UHD or HD video files, play online games (low-latency), and transfer large files.

4. Multi-tasking Purposes

You can expect the Asus RT-AC87r to handle a wide range of tasks including maximum Wifi performance for the 5GHz 802.11AC and the usage of USB 3.0.

All of these are made possible with the router’s remarkable hardware structure and 2x dual core CPU that comes with a 5G Wifi processor.

With its optimum stability and dependability, you can enhance productivity with this dual-band gigabit router by Asus.

In addition, it includes 128mb DDR and 256mb DDR onboard memory for excellent storage.

5. Easy Setup

Getting started is a breeze with this router – even if you lack advanced technical skills. For instance, the ASUSWRT firmware features a graphical user interface that walks you through the setup process.

This means, there is no need to use any software or CD to setup this router on your tablet, notebook, desktop, or even your smartphone.

In 30 seconds, you are up and running with this router.

It is also worth noting that the firmware offers numerous other features such as VPN, dual WAN, QoS, FTP, iTunes media server support, guest Wifi, WAN to LAN reassignment (5 LAN ports), media server interoperability (with CE devices), and wireless parameter readjustment, among a few others.

6. Security

Your peace of mind is guaranteed with the router’s unique security feature, AiProtection with Trend Micro.

This essential component is responsible for preventing malicious attacks, intrusions and exploits from threats once you go online.

You can also rely on this feature to boost malware prevention and protection, so you have nothing to worry about each time you connect to the internet using this router.

7. Efficient Management of Files

The AiCloud 2.0 by Asus is made even better, so you can easily sync, stream, access and share your files from your device anytime and anywhere you wish, as long as it is connected to the internet.

Waking up and activating locally-connected Pcs are also hassle-free to do with the Asus AiCloud 2.0, which is one of the features of this router.

8. Enhanced Performance

The Adaptive QoS in the Asus RT-AC87r prioritizes the bandwidth based on the traffic type whether it is file transferring, audio and video streaming, web surfing and gaming.

For better organization, you can arrange these categories according to your preference from lowest to highest priority.

Apps analysis is another function included, and this is used in real-time monitoring of any clients’ internet activity, as long as they are connected to your router.

With this feature, it is easy for you to determine the app or client that may be misusing the internet connection.

Even when you use the traditional mode, it is still possible to program the QoS rules manually.

Just be aware that it takes at least 5 minutes to turn this feature on or off.
Pros and Cons to Consider

Before you consider buying this router, it is important to look at both the benefits and limitations you can expect from it.

You may already know the fact that the Asus RT-AC87r comes with intuitive features, which all enhance user experience. From the outside, you will also find this router as rather stylish and sleek with its angled profile and slimmer feel.

Although it may seem less bulky than previous models, the router is relatively sturdy.

It also has a chic lattice finish found on both sides, which gives it a sophisticated appearance.

While the Asus RT-AC87r is equipped with numerous features and capabilities, there are still some limitations to this unit.

The AiProtection, for instance, is designed to protect your home network from malicious attacks from the internet.

However, once you turn this feature on completely, it is possible that some features of the router including UpnP, port-forwarding and remote access may also stop working since these are susceptible to security risks.

The Verdict

So, should you buy this router, or are you better off with another unit?

For its price range, the Asus RT-AC87r is a decent option because of its excellent set of features, expansive Wifi coverage and impressive speed for 802.11ac users.

It is only a matter of considering your present needs, and whether you should go for this rather pricey unit or stick to your regular 802.11ac router with basic capabilities.