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New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router + Dual Band

New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router…

…and how does it match up to other router brands available in the market?

When it comes to choosing a router you can use for your home or office, it is best to consider some important aspects such as the quick set-up and user-friendly features, fast connection and additional apps or accessories that add to your convenience in using the device.

This review on the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router will give you an idea on its features, benefits and limitations, as well as reviews of people who have used this product.

HomeScreen Wireless Router At-A-Glance

From the outside, this product may seem like your regular wireless router.

However, there is more than what meets the eye because it comes with key features that boost every user’s experience from the setup process to the actual usage and performance of this device.

Below are among the specs of this router, including a brief description on each.

Quick Connection

The New HomeScreen Touch Screen Wireless Router boasts of its dual band 802.11ac signal that offers optimal home coverage at lightning speed.

So, the moment you turn the router on, you can expect quick connection to the internet and get started with browsing, chatting, watching videos or checking your emails.

Fuss-Free Setup

Even without advanced technical skills, you can setup the router in a few minutes.

This is a big plus for users who want to start surfing the internet minus the hassle in setting up their wireless router.

What’s great about the New HomeScreen Touch Screen Wireless Router

  • It comes with an on-screen guide with simple instructions you can follow.
  • In less than 3 minutes, you are ready to start using the router and connecting to any sites online.

This takes out the long and tedious process that comes with other routers, in which you need to login to an admin panel with complicated instructions and getting started may seem like forever!


While the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router is a breeze to use, this does not mean it lacks impressive features and components that add to the satisfaction of every user.

You will like the fact that this device, even with its sleek package, does not fall short on high-tech features such as the cloud control capabilities, integrated touch screen and custom apps.


You can use this product as both a range extender at 2.4 ghz and a dual-band wireless router.

Whether you are in a hotel, restaurant, home, or public locations with wireless network, you can use this device for quick connection to the internet.

Moreover, it works seamlessly with internet modems of your choice whether it is DSL or cable no matter what your provider is such as AT&T, Time Warner, Verizon and Comcast.

However, you have to keep in mind that this unit does not take the place of your modem, and if you intend to use it as an extender, you still need an existing router for this function.


In terms of functionality, you will be impressed by what this product has to offer. Aside from merely serving as a router, this unit has a touchscreen display that shows you the time, whether and photos saved on the cloud.

You also have the option to mount the device on your wall or just place it neatly on our desk or countertop for convenience. Since the design is sleek and stylish, it complements your home or office decor.

Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons to Consider

As expected, there are always two sides of any product – the good and bad. Here are some of the feedbacks that actual product users have given about the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router.


  1. The main thing that people love about this router is the ease in setting up and connecting.

For instance, most customers were able to complete the setup process in 10 minutes or less, and there were simple instructions that walked them through the entire procedure.

Upon installation, the performance rated at the speedtest.net was at 80-94 mbps, although the router can deliver as much as 300 mbps in case you decide to upgrade you internet service provider.

  1. Another aspect of the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router that customers liked about it is the ease in renaming and retrieving key details such as the network name and the password.

These pieces of information are easily available on the touchscreen, so there is no need to go through the endless drama of finding the network password for hours.

  1. As expected, product users loved the compact and stylish design of the router.

The touchscreen display made things easier for users, plus there is a built-in stylus for enhanced convenience in navigating the different features of the unit.

It even has the “Guest Channel” feature, and once you enable it, other users can get wifi access without giving away the password and network name. Just be sure to disable this feature when there is no need to use it.

  1. This router supports AC technology, and this is perfect when there are multiple devices that you want to connect to the internet.

If you have your ipads, laptops, wifi printer, desktop and other devices, this AC router is perfect for multiple connection.


As with any product, there are some limitations to the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router, although these should not be so much of a deal breaker when you consider the benefits you can expect from it.

  1. If your current connection is more than 100 mbps, this router may not meet your standardsbecause it lacks gigabit WAN port.
  2. There are some options that can only be accessed via touchscreen or web interface.
  3. No repeater capabilityfor the 5.0G radio, but this is not a main issue.


When you take into account both the benefits and limitations of the New HomeScreen TouchScreen Wireless Router, it is quite clear that this product is indeed worth your investment.

It has all the basic – plus some additional – features you want in a router, so you can start using it without any hassles.

With simple and quick setup, reliable connection and add-on features, this router is a practical investment worth your money.